Deepwatch: Eight in 10 MDR Providers Considering Managed Services

Credit: Deepwatch

Most IT security professionals will focus on improving “detect” and “respond” capabilities in 2023, amid concern over increasing costs and regulatory pressures, Deepwatch, a managed detection and response (MDR) security provider, said in a new study of security professionals.

What Security Pros Said

Here are some additional findings from the research:

  • Most security teams are prioritizing investments in their “respond” (46%) and “detect” (42%) functions of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) framework.
  • 95% of security professionals cited continued staffing challenges.
  • 82% of security professionals either have or are considering managed services.
  • 78% of security professionals expect breach and incident reporting requirements to create more work for their teams.
  • 77% expect increased work from privacy requirements.
  • 78% said cybersecurity insurance is a cost concern: 39% said it’s already too expensive, and another 39% said that while they believe cyber insurance offers value today, that won’t be the case if prices go up further.

Final Thoughts from Deepwatch

Commenting on the research, Bill Bernard, assistant vice president of security strategy at Deepwatch, said:

“Regulatory developments around both incident reporting and privacy will undoubtedly continue to ramp up in 2023. Between differing perspectives on reporting timelines and the multiple agencies and authorities involved, breach notification compliance will be complex and challenging for security teams. On the privacy side, security professionals who typically don’t consider themselves privacy professionals will need to play a role in enforcing various controls stemming from multiple privacy requirements emerging across numerous states, countries and governments.”

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