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Cybersecurity Research

Cybersecurity research and market forecasts for managed security services providers (MSSPs) from CompTIA, Gartner, Forrester Research and more.

Pentesting Extends Beyond Business Critical Application Security

Penetration testing is newly driven by broad application security instead of compliance and customer requirements, research finds.

Ramsay Cyber Espionage Malware Targets Air-Gapped Networks

Cybersecurity software provider ESET discovers Ramsay — a cyber espionage malware toolkit purpose-built to rifle files from air-gapped networks.

Paying Ransom Doubles Ransomware Recovery Cost, Sophos Research Says

Paying hackers a cyber ransom may increase your overall ransomware attack recovery costs, Sophos research shows.

B2B, B2C SMBs Hit Hard by Ransomware Crews

Roughly 30% of small businsses say their IT teams don’t have adequate resources to address ransomware-related cybersecurity threats, Infrascale research says.

80% of Security Tools Underutilized: Research

Although many organizations believe that their security tools are effective, these tools may miss cyberattacks, a new FireEye Mandiant report indicates.

COVID-19, Contact Tracing and U.S. Government Surveillance Concerns: Research

How far will Americans let government surveillance and contact tracing go in the post-coronavirus pandemic world? This research offers clues.

Mobile Malware Attack Research: Kaspersky Q1 2020 Findings

Cybercriminals are increasingly using mobile platforms to launch malware attacks & distribute malware, new cybersecurity research from Kaspersky shows.

Average Ransomware Payment Rises Again: Research

Top 10 ransomware research findings, including popular attack vectors; average & median payments; size of victim; average downtime & more, Coveware reports.

Insider Threat Costs: Key Cybersecurity Research Findings

​Insider threats​ cost organizations $11.5 million on average worldwide in 2020, up ​31 percent in the past two years, IBM and ​ObserveIT research finds.

Covid-19 Relief Aid Confusion Spikes Spam Emails on Small Businesses

Nearly 40 percent of small business owners believe they’ve been targeted with malicious coronavirus (Covid-19) spam emails, IBM Security study finds.