Akamai Research: Phishing Attacks Top Threat to Financial Services Orgs

Financial services organizations are increasingly susceptible to phishing attacks, according to research from content delivery network (CDN) services provider Akamai.

Key findings from Akamai’s “2019 State of the Internet/Security Financial Services Attack Economy Report” included:

  • 50 percent of the organizations impersonated by tracked phishing domains were from the financial services sector.
  • 6 percent of global malicious logins targeted the financial services sector.
  • 94 percent of attacks against the financial services sector came from one of four methods: SQL injection, local file inclusion, cross-site scripting and OGNL Java injection.

Successful cyberattacks against the financial services sector often result in financial and data losses for affected organizations, Akamai noted. As such, financial services organizations must keep track of cyberattack trends to keep their systems and customers safe.

How Can Financial Services Organizations Guard Against Cyberattacks?

Financial services organizations require security solutions to detect, analyze and defend against cybercriminals, Akamai Security Researcher Martin McKeay said. That way, financial services organizations can guard against a wide range of cyberattacks and minimize the risk of data and financial losses.

MSSPs also can capitalize on opportunities in the financial services sector. By doing so, MSSPs can provide a wide range of managed security services to protect financial services organizations against cyberattacks.

BlueVoyant and FiServ Launch Managed Security Platform for Financial Services Organizations

A growing number of MSSPs focus on the financial services market. For instance, MSSP BlueVoyant and FiServ, a financial services technology solutions company, last year launched a managed security platform that provides banks and credit unions with threat detection, response, remediation, reporting and other cybersecurity capabilities.

The BlueVoyant-FiServ managed security platform empowers financial institutions with real-time response and automated remediation of suspicious activity. It also features network and endpoint monitoring, threat intelligence and behavioral analytics capabilities.

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