Aembit Raises $16.6M in Funding, Introduces Workload IAM Security Category

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Cybersecurity startup Aembit has emerged from stealth with $16.6 million in seed financing from venture capital firms Ballistic Ventures and Ten Eleven Ventures. Aembit also is “forging a new category of workload identity and access management (IAM), according to a prepared statement.

Aembit helps organizations apply a zero trust security framework to workload access, the company stated. In doing so, Aembit ensures that organizations can provide secure access to their APIs, databases and cloud resources.

How Aembit’s Workload Identity and Access Management Platform Works

Aembit offers a cloud-based workload IAM platform that facilitates safe application development and delivery and lets users manage, enforce and audit access between their federated workloads, the company indicated.

DevOps and security teams and developers can use the platform to secure access between workloads and:

  • Custom APIs, API gateways or APIs from third-party SaaS providers
  • Databases, data warehouses and data lakes
  • In multi-cloud environments.

Aembit’s platform “makes secure access easy and scalable for DevOps and developer teams, while giving security teams visibility and audit capabilities,” Aembit CEO David Goldschlag said. As such, the platform addresses some of the most common workload identity challenges for DevOps and security teams and developers.

Access Aembit’s Workload IAM Platform for Free

DevOps and security teams and developers can start using Aembit’s platform for free. They can access up to 10 workloads, 10 access policies, 24 hours of event log retention and community support.

In addition, DevOps and security teams and developers can request a custom quote for Aembit’s platform. This allows users to receive unlimited workloads, unlimited access policies, custom event log retention and 24×7 support.

Aembit does not currently offer a partner program for MSSPs, MSPs and other technology providers. However, Aembit may look to develop and launch a partner program in the future.

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