Cybereason Launches XDR for Cloud Workloads Solution

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Cybereason has announced Cybereason XDR (eXtended detection and response) for Cloud Workloads to help organizations protect their cloud workloads and containers across native and hybrid cloud environments at petabyte scale, according to a prepared statement.

Organizations can use Cybereason XDR for Cloud Workloads to maintain visibility across their cloud workloads and containers, the company noted. The solution also provides runtime protection, detection and response and helps security analysts understand the full scope of cyber attacks in real time.

Furthermore, Cybereason XDR for Cloud Workloads can eliminate silos between SecOps and DevOps teams, the company said. The solution helps both teams understand an organization’s security posture and explore ways to minimize its operating costs.

How Does Cybereason’s New Solution Work?

Cybereason XDR for Cloud Workloads leverages a Kubernetes integration and sensors across an organization’s cloud workloads and containers, the company stated. In doing so, the solution detects and addresses threats with minimal impact on the performance of cloud workloads and containers and associated workflows.

In addition, the solution leverages Cybereason’s MalOp Detection Engine to transform petabytes of data from the public cloud, on-premises data centers and hybrid environments into a single attack story, the company indicated. This ensures that an organization can view threats across its networks, cloud workloads and Kubernetes control plane.

Is a Cybereason IPO Coming Soon?

The Cybereason XDR for Cloud Workloads launch comes after Reuters in February 2021 reported Cybereason recently filed for an IPO (initial public offering). Meanwhile, the IPO could value Cybereason at approximately $5 billion, according to Reuters.

Cybereason provides an AI-powered XDR platform that provides predictive prevention, detection and response to cyber threats. The company offers a partner program for MSSPs; it introduced the “Pay as you Grow” program in January 2022 to provide its MSSP partners with greater financial flexibility.

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