Encryption products services for managed security services providers (MSSPs) and cybersecurity cloud services providers (CSPs).

Intel, Microsoft Partner for Fully Homomorphic Encryption Development

Intel joins Data Protection in Virtual Environments (DPRIVE) program; Microsoft partnership pursue homomorphic encryption (FHE) security development.

IBM Security Launches Next Generation Encryption Technology Services Package

IBM Security launches Homomorphic Encryption Services that allow companies to experiment with an emerging technology to secure data.

Southwest, Air France, KLM Leave Passenger Information Vulnerable to Hackers, Report Says

Southwest, Air France & KLM are among a group of eight airlines that don’t encrypt data on e-ticket booking systems, potentially exposing passengers’ personal information to hackers, Wandera researchers assert.

Going Dark: Maybe Smartphone Encryption Isn’t the Biggest Problem

Government, law enforcement and FBI officials want technology companies to offer back doors into encrypted smartphones and other devices. A more logical first step: More security training for law enforcement officials.

Will Quantum Computing Break the Internet?

“What could cause a digital Armageddon?” My answer: Quantum computing — which may someday break the cryptography that protects the Internet.

Microsoft Unveils Azure Confidential Computing Data Encryption Service

Microsoft unveils Azure confidential computing, a cloud encryption service that protects user data against cybercriminals, governments & malicious insiders.

TLS 1.0 Encryption Protocol Nears End of Life; IBM Cloud Says Goodbye

IBM SoftLayer cloud application programming interfaces (APIs) will no longer accept connections encrypted with the TLS 1.0 cryptographic protocol.

BlackBerry Unveils Government Security Suite for Voice, Data Encryption

BlackBerry SecuSUITE for Government encrypts voice and data communications on Apple iPhone (iOS), Google Android & BlackBerry smartphones and tablets.

Democrats Embrace Wickr Encrypted Messaging After Email Hack

House of Representative democrats embrace Wickr encrypted messaging after election email hack. But some federal officials still seek encryption back doors.

Encryption Debate Intensifies; Governments Seek Data, App, Device Access

How will social media, telecom and technology companies deal with new, proposed privacy/security laws for access to encrypted messages, devices and apps?