Blackpoint Cyber’s New Product Releases Include Managed Defender for Endpoint

Blackpoint Cyber has introduced Blackpoint Response, Managed Defender for Endpoint, an Apple macOS agent, and vulnerability scanning capabilities, the company announced in a prepared statement.

Blackpoint is a cybersecurity company specializing in 24×7 managed detection and response (MDR) and security operations center (SOC) services to MSPs.

What’s New?

Blackpoint has released its inaugural bundle of pre-existing and new products, which includes MDR, cloud response and Managed Defender for Endpoint. Blackpoint asserts that customers will have “everything they need to protect their modern, hybrid workflows, adding tremendous value to their security stacks.”

Managed Defender for Endpoint

Expanding upon Blackpoint’s integration with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (MDE), a fully managed version of this service is now available through Blackpoint Response. Partners can now control the MDE policies within the Blackpoint portal, applying them to multiple customers at a time. Blackpoint’s best practices are also available for easy and secure setup.

macOS Agent

Blackpoint’s flagship MDR product, SNAP-Defense, is now available to monitor and respond to threats on Apple devices running macOS. As the macOS market share in business settings continues to grow, Blackpoint says that it’s partners now have the capability to provide protection to those assets.

Vulnerability Scan

Blackpoint’s external vulnerability scanning tool has been re-engineered to improve accuracy and design. Blackpoint explains that partners can use this free tool to quickly and easily educate their prospects and customers of known vulnerabilities, thereby demonstrating their need for managed security services.

Innovation Propels Blackpoint

As the industry trend toward product ecosystems grows, Blackpoint says it’s “driven to provide innovative and effective solutions.”

Blackpoint CEO Jon Murchison explained the rationale behind his company’s new products:

“Bundled offerings and protection for a more diverse range of work environments ensures that Blackpoint partners are getting the maximum possible coverage with the fastest ROI. Cybersecurity products are no longer a luxury, but a necessity, so we aim to provide the highest quality solutions available to keep our customers secure and insurable.”

David Rushmer, head of Blackpoint’s Adversary Pursuit Group, noted that this team of researchers and reverse engineers impact the company’s product offerings:

“It is not an option to simply wonder, ‘What is next?’ We must go and find out for ourselves. When we have visibility into threats, we can better educate and provide for our customers.”

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