FireEye’s The Email Laundry: End of Life Migration Plan for Partners

FireEye plans to end of life The Email Laundry, an email scanning service that the company acquired in 2017.

In order to ensure users have a path forward, FireEye is recommending partners and customers migrate to Hornetsecurity, an email security provider based in Germany.

According to a FireEye spokesperson familiar with the matter:

“FireEye is migrating The Email Laundry’s email scanning service business to Hornetsecurity, an email security provider focused on small and midsize businesses. This enables FireEye to focus on larger enterprise Email Security customers with different requirements. The agreement will have no impact on other FireEye email offerings.”

Partners will have until approximately the end of June 2020 to complete customer migrations to Hornetsecurity, the spokesperson adds.

FireEye Business Evolution

FireEye has increasingly focused its business on enterprise-class platform, cloud subscription, managed security and Mandiant consulting services, the company said during a recent earnings call. The company cut about 6 percent of its staff in April 2020,

FireEye has been busy on multiple fronts. The company in January 2020 acquired Cloudvisory to bolster FireEye Helix’s multi-cloud and container security capabilities across Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and more.

And in late 2019, the company launched Digital Threat Monitoring service to help organizations detect dark and open web threats.

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    What a cr**tastic way to treat all of their customers. This is the digital equivalent of “Get off my lawn!”.


    Absolute sh**show this migration is – they assured us everything will be migrated – the whitelists/blacklists and the customer list is all. None of our spam filtering settings carried over nor did user logins – and by default it allows users to release emails blocked as containing a virus!

    Would have expected better treatment after 3+ years with Email Laundry


    Happy to talk you through various options and will assist in a full migration

    Stuart Hargreaves:

    The service was always held in high regard from the feedback I received, this has come as a complete surprise. I am helping MSPs (predominantly) migrate away to Spambrella the Proofpoint service. Happy to assist or have a no-obligation discussion with anyone that may want to consider an alternative to Hornet Security.


    Their e-mail;

    Dear customer,

    as we already announced (THEY DID NOT COMMUNICATE ANYTHING!!) we are going to provide you with a service upgrade and have additional data centers in place in order to deliver it to you.
    To make use of the service upgrade you need to change your MX records to:
    • MX priority 10 –
    • MX priority 20 –
    • MX priority 30 –
    • MX priority 40 –
    If you are unable to carry out the configuration yourself, we recommend contacting the DNS provider concerned. Depending on the DNS system, web service or provider, it may be necessary to end each MX entry with a . (period). If in doubt, please make sure to check first. Otherwise, this may cause serious problems. There is usually a waiting period of up to 24 hours which must be taken into account with any DNS-based changes, as it is possible that, during this period, not all DNS systems worldwide will know the new settings yet.

    In order to help you make use of the service upgrade as soon as possible, we support your configuration changes with a tailored testing website .
    Simply click the scan button to start a connection test between your hosts and the additional data centers.
    The test below will be performed automatically until you succeed them. After failed tests you will receive a notification email. You will no longer receive these notifications if a test succeeds. Manual tests reset the test interval and trigger an automated notification email after completion. If you have any questions regarding how to extend your firewall settings please visit our Knowledge base.
    For details on the service upgrade please visit the service upgrade landing page.

    The Email Laundry Team


    The Hornet offering is subpar. The migration of settings didn’t work and the control panel requires the Flash plugin. They really want us to administer this crap with Internet Explorer? Nobody has even told us what the cost will be or how the service renewal will work. If you can do it before they cut old service off at The Email Laundry, look elsewhere for your email security solution. I know I am.


    @Tom are you definitely going to That is the HTML5 version which works in Chrome for me. The legacy Flash version is at

    I’m not impressed though we’ve reported about 5 bugs so far


    @Josh – Yes I am. There are some options only settable via the Flash plugin. If I use Chrome, it tells me plugin disabled. Options like compliance filter, advanced routing, email encryption all require flash. I am not impressed. A security company using Flash is a joke. Support for flash ends December this year, but anyone with any sense stopped using it years ago. I can choose to not use Hornet Security. I do think what FireEye did was horrible though. They just threw all their customers out and called it an upgrade. What exactly happened here? Did they sell the company to Hornet?


    I honestly haven’t had to experience the problems I am seeing above. I can understand though if there have been some hiccups, as it was all pretty sudden. We were able to successfully migrate our partners and customers over with no problems. Still getting used to the service, but from what I have seen it is pretty intuitive. I have had a few support questions that weren’t answered immediately, but were solved in a timely manner. Overall I am excited to see what benefits we receive using Hornetsecurity.


    @Steve – do you allow Flash? We couldn’t use it (company policy). Wait until you see the user quarantine reports too!


    @Tom – ah I haven’t looked at those features as we don’t use them but I have come across one page I think which does use the Flash plugin. The time zone by default is wrong so the portal shows all the emails an hour out, but you can only change it in the Flash version as it isn’t in the HTML version. The HTML version just seems half finished and they’ve patched it by embedding parts of the old one.

    I hate Flash too, we have customers who have to use it for CCTV systems and all sorts and I just wish it would go away

    What’s interesting is I mentioned the sudden move to support and they said nearly everyone who has called for support from email laundry has said the same thing

    Chris Hibberd:

    We have migrated all of our users across to the HornetSecurity platform. I have to say that the migration process was very easy and their support team are always on hand to help out if required. we never had any issues and everything migrated across as described, im not sure why some people had issues


    @Chris Hibberd
    And all the settings carried over? We are finding that the content filter is disabled by default, it lets users release emails flagged as virus by default, time zone is wrong by default and that’s a lot of tweaking per tenant to do. On top of that we’ve had to write emails explaining the changes and send that to every client using the service, change every domains SPF record and MX record, change the outbound relay on every server and application all during a pandemic where we are at an unprecedented level of busy. Don’t get me wrong, the control panel is better looking for the end users sure and the support team do seem better but when they stated in their email oh we do most of the work that frankly is complete bull

    Thomas Kinkladze:

    A security company that uses Flash – That is all…


    The Email Laundry really handled this poorly. The new company seems more interested in looks than offering a secure service. If anyone is looking for a replacement, check out Spambrella. You will be happy you did.


    @Simon – Their control panel is mostly converted into HTML5? Are you accessing


    @Jason You think Hornetsecurity is more focused on looks than security?? Have you seen the offering we had from TEL before? I completely agree with you, the looks are far better … but disagree with you on the security part. We deal with clients who need strong malware and ransomware protection along with various encryption methods. With TEL, we just did not receive anywhere near the level of security Hornet is offering us. Multiple formats of encryption (S/MIME, PGP, Websafe, and for our office clients 365 Total Encryption). The ATP Virus break down in the control panel is really neat too. I think it will be a great selling point for undecided customers.


    Has anyone been able to figure out how to make the quarantine digests look better? They look so 1998 lol.


    @Marquise really? I think they are much better than the Email Laundry ones which looked 1997. Saying that we’ve implemented the white labelling so they include our logo, colour scheme and our custom sub domain for the portal

    Mark L:

    Migration was an issue, I still have users logging into the control panel (using forgot password to get a password) but have no rights to their own emails to release. My control panel had none of my managed domains available, took three days to get that fixed, email went unanswered, I finally called and convinced them I was authorized, the panel shows an international number for support, time zones were all wrong and only they could change them for report delivery. releasing emails from the reports you receive is not a clean process, and the from email for report shows “control” lots of users were worried about that from address, Now on Aug 1st ONLY designated Admins can ask for support. Barracuda and Spam Titan are matching prices and both have MSP functions, trying them both now.

    Grace Bell:

    We have just completed a managed migration from TEL to Spambrella/Proofpoint. This was no easy undertaking as the Spambrella team also imported all user safe/blocklists for all customers. Having had hundreds of customers on TEL this was a project that was not planned and we are very thankful that this was managed so well. I cannot recommend this team more.

    Mark Hodges:

    We’ve completed the migration of 2 or 3 customers we had on Email Laundry (we were about to pull the trigger on as big move to them before the announcement).
    It wasn’t horrible, and the Hornet US team have been really responsive. I really can’t complain about their support.

    However, what I can’t understand is WHY fireeye would choose to outsource their email laundry customers to a vendor who doesn’t even use FIREEYE. Like, seriously…we have the best Web and Email filtering in the world…but you know, just go ahead and use these guys instead…they are ok too, even if its doesn’t use our ATP…

    Like WTF were they thinking?

    Joe Panettieri:

    Hey Folks: Thank you for all the comments and insights about your migrations. Please keep us updated regarding your long-term outcomes on this.


    Content Czar, MSSP Alert

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