Identity and Access Management

Identity and access management products services for managed security services providers (MSSPs) and cybersecurity cloud services providers (CSPs).

Aembit Raises $16.6M in Funding, Introduces Workload IAM Security Category

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Aembit’s workload identity and access management platform lets end-users manage, enforce and audit access between their federated workloads.

Wipro, Secret Double Octopus Partner for Passwordless Authentication

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The integration provides passwordless authentication for on-premises applications, desktops, servers, web apps and remote access services.

ForgeRock Unveils Passwordless Authentication Solution

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ForgeRock’s Enterprise Connect Passwordless solution reduces the risk of phishing, brute-force attacks and other password-based cyberattacks.

Elevate Security Advances Identity and Access Management (IAM)

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Worker susceptibility to phishing, sensitive data handling, safe browsing and password management are continually aggregated and updated with Elevate Identity.

Bitdefender Delivers Enhanced Cybersecurity for European and Australian Markets

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Bitdefender Premium Security Plus prevents, detects and remediates cyber threats across multiple operating systems.

Sublime Releases Open Email Security Platform, Attracts Investment

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Sublime’s open email security platform detects and blocks email-originated threats, including phishing attacks.

Simeio Acquires Identity Access Management (IAM) Company PathMaker Group

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Simeio buys PathMaker Group, adding identity access management (IAM) processes and methodology to its identity orchestration platform.

How Privileged Access Management (PAM) Must Evolve

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Privileged Access Management (PAM) as-a-Service may help MSPs, MSSPs & customers to strengthen security while sidestepping cyber talent shortages.

Identity Security Partnership: Simeio and SailPoint Combine Capabilities

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Simeio, an identity and access management (IAM) provider, teams up with SailPoint, a specialist in enterprise identity security.

Identity Management Provider Accops and India’s Centre for Development of Advanced Computing Partner

Accops and India’s Centre for Development of Advanced Computing partner to over facial authentication capabilities.