Threat Detection, Response Provider ActZero Launches MDR for Mobile Solution

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ActZero, a threat detection and response provider, has added the MDR for Mobile solution to its managed detection and response services portfolio.

MDR for Mobile protects organizations against cross-vector cyber threats, ActZero noted. It provides threat detection and response across endpoints, mobile devices, networks and cloud SaaS and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) solutions.

How Does MDR for Mobile Work?

MDR for Mobile uses ActZero’s machine learning models to detect cyber threats in a customer’s environment, the company said. It notifies end-users and administrators about mobile threats and offers remediation guidance.

In addition, MDR for Mobile lets users and administrators access security event insights and mobile device hygiene reports, according to ActZero. It also supports Apple, Android and Google Chrome mobile phones, tablets and laptops and can be installed as a standalone service.

ActZero Announces MDR Security for Cloud Services

The MDR for Mobile launch comes after ActZero in October 2021 released its MDR for Cloud Services offering.

MDR for Cloud Services detects, contains and remediates threats in cloud environments, ActZero indicated. It uses supervised and unsupervised machine learning models and threat hunters to analyze security data and tailor its cloud protection accordingly.

Organizations can use MDR for Cloud Services with Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Workspace. ActZero also intends to offer coverages for additional cloud services in the future.

What Is ActZero? What MSSPs Need to Know

ActZero offers an adaptive, intelligent MDR platform designed to help organizations harden their security and reduce risk, the company said. Organizations can use ActZero’s platform to leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect, analyze, contain and mitigate cyber threats.

MSSPs and MSPs can join ActZero’s Summit Partner Program to integrate the company’s MDR platform into their offerings. The program lets partners deliver MDR as a white-labeled service and help customers improve their security posture, the company stated.

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