MSP Moruga Partners with MSSP/Zero Trust Browser Tech Company Conceal

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Moruga, an MSP, technology services distributor and telecommunications master agent, has added the Conceal ConcealBrowse zero trust browser extension to its offerings, according to a prepared statement.

Commenting on his company’s partnership with Conceal, Moruga President Dean Jordan said:

“Conceal is a critical element of our Zero Day Protection Suite and is designed to protect the end-user devices and applications to minimize zero day exploits’ ability to damage infrastructure, data and reputation of the organizations who utilize this suite.”

Conceal CEO Gordon Lawson added:

“We’re thrilled to partner with Moruga Inc. and add ConcealBrowse to their portfolio to deliver advanced protection against browser-based threats and ransomware to their customer base.”

How ConcealBrowse Works

ConcealBrowse is Conceal’s web browser isolation and zero trust technology. It uses an intelligence engine that works at machine speed with near zero latency to pre-process and analyze code. It also moves suspicious, unknown and risky code to a cloud-based isolation environment, the companies said.

Moruga customers can use the ConcealBrowse extension to stop ransomware that bypasses an organization’s cybersecurity controls and protect an organization against credential theft, the companies said. They can apply the extension through Moruga Cybhermetics, a cybersecurity solution that encompasses:

  • Compliance
  • Access solutions
  • Intelligence
  • Endpoint security
  • Video surveillance

The ConcealBrowse extension converts any existing browser into a zero trust, secure browser, Conceal noted. It monitors and detects new and malicious URLs to determine if they are safe to access via an organization’s network.

Furthermore, if ConcealBrowse cannot verify a URL is safe, it isolates a user session, Conceal stated. In doing so, ConcealBrowse hides and protects a user’s identity and their organization’s network.

Conceal Continues to Explore Partnership Opportunities

The Moruga pact comes after Conceal in February 2023 announced a partnership with SBL Cyber Monitoring, a Dutch cybersecurity company. The SBL partnership allows Conceal to “bring innovative security solutions to the Netherlands,” Conceal CEO Gordon Lawson said.

Conceal in January 2023 partnered with European consulting firm ThousandGuards. Under the partnership, Conceal delivers ConcealBrowse to ThousandGuards customers in Spain, France, Italy and Portugal.

Conceal delivers zero trust isolation technology to protect organizations against cyber threats. It offers a partner program that provides participants with sales and technical enablement, marketing investments and other incentives.

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