Network security products and services for Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs), cybersecurity companies, businesses and government agencies.

Nozomi Networks Unveils OT, IoT Endpoint Security Sensor

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Nozomi Arc enables organizations to identify compromised hosts, analyze network threats and correlate end-user activity across endpoints.

IronNet Bolsters Network Detection and Response Capabilities, Secures Loan for $2 Million

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SOC analysts now can use IronNet’s IronDefense network detection and response (NDR) solution to defend against cybercrime.

Arkose Labs Advances Bot Detection With New CAPTCHA Capability

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Arkose MatchKey is billed as an intuitive CAPTCHA solution that thwarts cyber attackers from accessing companies’ network systems.

Fortinet Releases Managed Cloud-Native Firewall Service for AWS

Credit: Fortinet

Fortinet offers Managed Cloud-Native Firewall Service to protect Amazon Web Services (AWS) users against known and unknown cyber threats.

Palo Alto Networks Adds Cloud Security, Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) Services to Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) Software

Credit: Palo Alto Networks

ATP safeguards Palo Alto Networks NGFW users against zero-day injection attacks.

BlackBerry Announces Cyber Defense Innovations, Vendor Partnerships at Security Summit 2022

BlackBerry unveils new Cyber Threat Intelligence offering plus enhancements to its AI-based cybersecurity portfolio, cloud services and more.

FireMon Elevates Network Visibility Solution Across Hybrid, Multi-Cloud Environments

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Network security policy management company FireMon re-launches its Lumeta visibility solution as “Cyber Asset Manager.”

Iceland’s AwareGO Releases Employee Cybersecurity Risk Audit Offering

AwareGO assesses employee risk factors across phishing, passwords, physical security, remote work, and sensitive data and device handling.

AlphaSOC Unveils Network Traffic Solution for Cloud Platforms

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Security teams can use the AlphaSOC Analytics Engine (AE) network traffic analysis (NTA) product to identify compromised cloud workloads.

Votiro, Owl Cyber Defense Partner for Zero Trust Security Solution

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The Votiro-Owl Cyber solution protects networks against zero-day, known and unknown malware and ransomware while content is in motion.