Skyhawk Security Adds ChatGPT Functionality to Threat Detection Process

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Skyhawk Security has integrated ChatGPT features into its cloud threat detection and response platform to help its customers “find and understand security incidents that might otherwise fly under the radar,” according to the company.

These features are now available to Skyhawk customers free of charge.

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot developed by AI research lab OpenAI. The chatbot lets end-users have human-like conversations and can create articles, essays and responses to user requests. It launched on November 30, 2022, and has “become the fastest-growing consumer app in history” with more than 100 million active users, UBS reported in February 2023.

How Skyhawk Is Using ChatGPT for Cloud Threat Detection and Response

The new Skyhawk “Threat Detector” feature uses the ChatGPT API to analyze security data from across the web to augment its Attack Sequence graphical storyline technology’s scoring mechanism, the company said.

Skyhawk scores threats using its machine learning technologies that provide malicious behavior indicators (MBIs) and assigns those MBIs a score when they reach a point where an alert is necessary. Adding ChatGPT to the scoring system improves the confidence of an MBI score and enables Skyhawk’s platform to notify users about anomalous behaviors faster than ever before.

Meanwhile, Skyhawk has added textual explanations, produced by ChatGPT, for security incidents found by its platform, the company noted. These explanations appear in the platform’s “Security Advisor” tab and provide insights into security incidents.

ChatGPT helps organizations quickly identify data breaches and reduce their operating costs, a company spokesperson told MSSP Alert. In 78% of cases, Skyhawk’s platform has produced alerts earlier when adding ChatGPT to its threat scoring process.

A Closer Look at Skyhawk

Skyhawk is the first cloud security company to embed ChatGPT functionality into the threat detection process, the business indicated. It released its Synthesis Security Platform in January 2023 to help organizations identify and address threats across their cloud environments.

Radware previously spun off Skyhawk in May 2022. At the time, Skyhawk also received a $35 million strategic investment from a Tiger Global Management affiliate, resulting in a valuation of $180 million. Skyhawk does not currently offer a partner program for MSSPs and MSPs but may look to develop and launch one in the future.

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