Department of Homeland Security: New SOC Strategy?

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) may use single, multiple-award contract vehicles to manage staffing across its 17 security operations centers (SOCs), according to FedTech. In doing so, DHS could streamline SOC management and bolster the centers’ cybersecurity capabilities.

The big question: Is there an opportunity here for third-party MSSPs (managed security services providers) and SOC as a Service (SOCaaS) providers?

A few clues: With contract vehicles, DHS would leverage a central pool of vendors and create a single set of core functions available to its SOCs, NextGov reported. Contract vehicles would provide DHS SOCs with access to a variety of security services, including:

  • Computer security incident response and management.
  • Cyber intelligence support.
  • Email security monitoring and analysis.
  • Intrusion analysis.
  • Network monitoring and security event analysis.
  • Security engineering.
  • Vulnerability assessment.

Ultimately, DHS is seeking a contractor to provide SOC staff and management, FedTech noted. By using a multiple-award contract vehicle, each awardee could deliver the full scope of services that DHS requires. We’e checking to see if or how MSSPs and/or SOCaaS companies can potentially pursue the opportunity.

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