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Security Operations Center

Security operations center (SOC) providers, companies, news, information, research, talent and technology for managed security services providers (MSSPs).

Texas A&M Opens TEEX Cyber Readiness Center

The Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX), a state agency that offers training programs to Texas organizations, opens a cyber readiness center.

MSPs Partnering With MSSPs: SolarWinds, Flexis Describe How

SolarWinds MSP and Flexis describe how MSPs can align with MSSP partners for threat monitoring and advanced cybersecurity services.

Department of Homeland Security: New SOC Strategy?

U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) rethinks security operations center (SOC) strategy. Can MSSPs and SOC as a Service (SOCaaS) fill some voids?

Secureworks CEO Pitches SOC of the Future

Secureworks SOC of the future involves SaaS-based threat detection & response (TDR) and more automation, CEO Michael Cote explains.

SOC Analysts Overwhelmed by Alerts, New Study Finds

Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts are overwhelmed by daily alerts CriticalStart research finds. Can managed detection & response (MDR) assist?

Most MSPs Can’t Afford to Build Security Operations Centers (SOCs)

Before you build a complete managed security services provider (MSSP) practice or security operations center (SOC), consider these costs & partner instead.

Perch Security’s MDR and SOC Strategy for MSP Partners

Perch Security CISO Wes Spencer explains MSP partner strategy for co-managed threat detection & response (MDR), plus security operations center (SOC) services.

SOCaaS Partnership: Puma Telecommunications Leverages Arctic Wolf Networks

Puma Telecommunications & security operations center-as-a-service company Arctic Wolf Networks partner to help healthcare organizations address cyberattacks.

Optiv Seeks to Transform Security Operations Centers (SOCs)

Optiv Security unveils Advanced Fusion Center. The MSSP’s goal: Empower customers’ security operations centers (SOCs) to reduce risk & cut operational costs.

Kaspersky Security Operations Center Explores MSP, MSSP Demand

Kaspersky launches Security Operations Center (SOC) services for customers. Cybersecurity company will explore SOC partner demand from VARs, MSPs & MSSPs.