Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligences products and services for MSSPs (managed security services providers).

ActZero Debuts New Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Platform, Claims 90% Ransomware Block Rate

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ActZero touts ability of its new managed detection and response (MDR) platform to contain and eradicate ransomware threats within 17 minutes.

IronNet Signs $1.2 Million Deal to Protect the U.S. Navy from Cyberattacks

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IronNet inks a federal contract to provide cybersecurity services for the U.S. Naval Sea Systems Command, the Navy’s largest systems command.

Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) Market News: 7 February 2023

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Today’s market news involves The Center for Internet Security, Identity Automation, ExtraHop, Binary Defense, Russia-Ukraine War, Lineaje, Booz Allen Hamilton, Intel 471 and the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defense Centre of Excellence.

Pentester Horizon3 Finds Three Major Attack Themes, 10 Common Vulnerabilities Attackers Exploit: Roadmap for MSSPs?

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Horizon3 discovers the three main causes of exploitable weaknesses, vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in 2022.

OX Security Launches Open Framework to Evaluate Threats to Supply Chain

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OSC&R provides a common language and structure to understand and analyze the tactics, techniques and procedures supply chain hackers use.

Zero Trust Innovation: ThreatLocker Launches New Threat Detection Tool

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ThreatLocker releases its ThreatLocker Ops community-driven threat detection tool, integrates Third Wall plug-in into zero trust platform.

Hornetsecurity Takes Aim at QR Code Phishing, Debuts Secure Email Link Analyzer

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Hornetsecurity debuts QR code analyzer plus a service that runs all email links through a secure analyzer; revamps MSP/MSSP partner program.

SafeBreach in Collaboration with Top Security Providers for Threat Intelligence Integration

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SafeBreach’s platform integrates with Anomali, AT&T Cybersecurity, CrowdStrike, Google, Palo Alto Networks, Splunk, ThreatConnect and ThreatQuotient.

KELA Launches Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform

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KELA’s new cyber threat intelligence platform can identify, address and analyze cyber risks while MSPs and MSSPs can join its partner program.

Hillstone Networks Rolls Out StoneOS, Latest Version for Next Generation Firewalls

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The latest version of StoneOS — the foundation for all Hillstone Networks next-gen firewalls — has some 300 new features and benefits.