Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligences products and services for MSSPs (managed security services providers).

ReasonLabs Delivers Dark Web Security Protection

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ReasonLabs’ dark web monitoring feature scans tens of thousands of combination lists, leaked databases and hidden malware data.

Acronis Bolsters Defense Against Fileless Attacks Using Intel Threat Detection Technology

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Intel TDT enhances Acronis’ cyber protection solutions while scanning hard disk drive and memory, resulting in improved system performance. Advances Security Offerings with Five Eyes Solution

Credit: Getty Images gives organizations an additional “team member” focused on hunting and monitoring for cyber threats in the logs and systems.

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Vulnerability vs. Risk: How MSSPs Can Prioritize Remediating Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

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To remediate cybersecurity risk, managed security services providers must measure the business impact of vulnerabilities and prioritize. Here’s how.

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Acalvio and Carahsoft Partner for Government Cyber Threat Defense Solutions

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Federal agencies and critical infrastructure are under increasingly sophisticated and persistent attacks.

Thunderdome Completes Prototype to Modernize U.S. Cyber Defenses

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The U.S. Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) has implemented a zero trust architecture to fortify the nation’s cyber defenses.

CISA’s New “Decider” Tool Helps Security Defenders Map Adversary Movements to Mitre Att&ck Database

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CISA created Decider jointly with the Department of Homeland Security’s Engineering and Development Institute and the Mitre Att&ck team.

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Microsoft, Mitre Develop Tool to Deter Cyberattacks on Machine Learning Systems

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Microsoft and Mitre jointly develop the Arsenal tool, enabling cybersecurity professionals to simulate an attack on machine learning systems.

Sublime Releases Open Email Security Platform, Attracts Investment

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Sublime’s open email security platform detects and blocks email-originated threats, including phishing attacks. Unveils MSSP Partner Program, Threat Mitigation Services

Credit: Getty Images explores partnership opportunities with MSSPs, unveils threat mitigation services and upgrades its Argos Platform.