Tide Foundation Offers Self-Sovereign-Authority Technology: Here’s What MSSPs Need to Know

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Zero trust security startup Tide Foundation now offers Self-Sovereign-Authority technology that allows organizations to “lock critically sensitive digital assets… with keys so secure, no one has access to them,” the company said.

Self-Sovereign-Authority Technology Explained

Self-Sovereign-Authority lets organizations use a zero-knowledge process to generate user keys across a decentralized network, Tide said. With Self-Sovereign-Authority, users leverage a password or multi-factor authentication (MFA) through the decentralized network, which is the first step to gain access to an asset. From here, the user logs in through Tide’s decentralized network. If successful, the user’s identity becomes a digital authority for the asset.

Furthermore, Self-Sovereign-Authority utilizes decentralized threshold multi-party cryptography, Tide stated. In doing so, Self-Sovereign-Authority uses a decentralized authentication process that validates a user’s identity. This process allows a user to enter a password, access an asset and verify that no one else holds a cryptographic key.

Tide Partners with Deakin University, Global IT Companies

Along with providing its Self-Sovereign-Authority technology, Tide has been participating in a joint research partnership with Deakin University. Together, Tide and Deakin have examined how organizations can utilize digital identities to allow users to authorize a system, rather than letting a system authorize users.

Meanwhile, Tide and Deakin indicated that they will soon partner with an unnamed “leading global password manager.” This partnership will focus on how a user can bring their own authority to keep a password manager’s knowledge “to zero from end to end, even though [the manager is] holding the most sensitive secrets of their users,” according to a prepared statement.

Tide also is working with MSSPs, MSPs and other technology providers, NTT and other global IT firm and enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform companies, the business stated. Organizations can partner with Tide to use its zero trust technology to protect themselves and their customers against cyberattacks and data breaches.

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