Vulnerability Management Provider Nucleus Launches MSSP Partner Program

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Nucleus, a vulnerability management solutions provider, has announced a partner program that enables MSSPs to integrate the company’s platform into their offerings.

MSSPs can join Nucleus’s partner program to use the company’s platform to monitor their customers’ security posture and manage vulnerability data, according to the business. They can leverage the platform in conjunction with over 60 scanners and external tools to ingest vulnerability data and automate vulnerability remediation.

In addition, MSSPs can utilize Nucleus’s platform to manage asset and vulnerability information for each customer independently, the company indicated. They also can access custom branding and compliance reports.

A Closer Look at Nucleus’s Platform

MSSPs can use Nucleus’s platform to access customers’ asset and vulnerability information in real-time, the company noted. In doing so, they can speed up the process of identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities.

Furthermore, Nucleus’s platform allows MSSPs to define custom risk scoring algorithms based on risk tolerance and priorities, the company said. It also ensures that MSSPs can automate custom vulnerability management workflows and triage processes based on customer requirements.

Digital Defense Introduces Partner Program for MSSPs, MSPs

Along with Nucleus, vulnerability management company Digital Defense in August 2020 unveiled a partner program for MSSPs and MSPs.

MSSPs and MSPs can join the Digital Defense partner program to leverage the company’s Frontline.Cloud SaaS platform to deliver security-as-a-service (SECaaS), the company said. They also can access custom reports and dashboards, self-provision via Frontline.Cloud and procure directly or via cloud marketplaces.


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