Stellar Cyber Open XDR Intros Universal EDR Data Gathering Capabilities

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Stellar Cyber has unveiled Universal EDR technology. The result: Stellar Cyber’s Open XDR customers can optimize and augment event and alert data from one or more EDR (endpoint detection and response) security tools, the company said.

The result is a “high-fidelity detection of real attack activity that is operationalized for fast, efficient response,” Stellar Cyber asserted.

Instead of dictating which EDR tools a customer or service provider leverages, Universal EDR supports the use of several tools simultaneously, and/or the swap-out of one EDR tool for another. Moreover, service providers and customers can leverage multiple data sources for user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA).

The Universal EDR announcement comes after Stellar Cyber in November 2021 secured $38 million in Series B funding, bringing its total financing to more than $68 million. Cylance veteran Brian Stoner has led the partner effort since October 2020.

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