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Provide proactive cyber resilience at scale with Cynomi’s AI-driven automated vCISO platform

We believe that every business deserves a CISO. Cynomi’s vCISO platform empowers MSSPs, MSPs and consultancies to offer structured cybersecurity services to SMEs at scale and provide them with proactive cyber resilience.

Combining proprietary AI algorithms with CISO-level knowledge and knowhow, Cynomi’s platform streamlines the vCISO’s work while automating manual time-consuming tasks including:

  • Risk assessment and gap analysis
  • Compliance readiness
  • Creation of tailored security policies
  • Building remediation plans
  • Ongoing task management and progress tracking
  • Generation customer-facing reports

Cynomi helps partners overcome the cybersecurity skill gap and scale their business, allowing them to offer new services and increase revenues while reducing operational costs.


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