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Fastly offers the most flexibly deployed WAF on the market and can protect your customers’ apps and APIs wherever they are—in containers, on-premises, in the cloud, or at the edge—with one integrated solution. Give your customers comprehensive protection without sacrificing performance: the Fastly Next-Gen WAF (powered by Signal Sciences) simply works out of the box and is so effective 90% of our customers run us in full blocking mode.

Traditional web application firewalls (WAF) rely on regular expression pattern-matching rules. They’re difficult to manage and require never-ending rules tuning to eliminate false positives that can block legitimate traffic. The Fastly Next-Gen WAF leverages a fundamentally different approach, developed by Signal Sciences, that effectively detects and blocks malicious traffic without rules tuning, leaving your customers to focus on bigger problems.

As a partner, Fastly’s Global Partner Network empowers you to win with innovative, scalable, and trusted solutions. We know the importance of being able to give your customers differentiated value with offerings that are focused on solving their key problems. We want our program to allow you to win more business while ensuring your customers are getting the value they expect. We built our program with simplicity in mind to make it easy for you to choose the level of service you want to own.


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