Cyber Threat Hunting Funding: SnapAttack Raises $8 Million

SnapAttack, a cyber threat hunting and detection company that spun off from Booz Allen Hamilton, has raised $8 million in funding from growth equity firm Volition Capital and other investors. Booz Allen also retains a stake in the business.

SnapAttack will use the funding to accelerate the development of its cyber threat hunting and detection platform. In addition, the funding will help SnapAttack find ways to incorporate new threat intelligence and analytics content into its platform, the company noted. Key product, engineering and sales team hires are expected, through actual headcount figures were not disclosed.

SnapAttack Cyber Threat Hunting and Detection Platform Details

SnapAttack offers a cyber threat hunting and detection platform that helps security teams stay ahead of threats, the company indicated. The platform offers the following capabilities:

  • Detection As Code: Allows threat detection engineers to create, test and deploy behavioral analytics, create threat detection logic and simulate cyberattacks.
  • Purple Teaming: Empowers red and blue cybersecurity teams to work together to detect, analyze and mitigate threats.
  • Threat Hunting: Provides over 1,200 crowdsourced behavioral analytics to help security teams discover indicators of attack and stop cyberattacks in their early stages.

SnapAttack’s website does not currently mention an MSSP partner program, through we’ll be watching for updates.

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