Cybersecurity Funding: PlexTrac Raises $10 Million in Series A Financing

PlexTrac, a cybersecurity workflow and “purple teaming” platform provider, has closed a $10 million Series A financing round led by venture capital firms Noro-Moseley Partners and Madrona Venture Group. The company will use the funding to grow its team and bolster its platform, according to a prepared statement.

Organizations can use PlexTrac’s platform to aggregate all areas of their cybersecurity programs, the company said. The platform helps organizations foster collaboration among red and blue cybersecurity teams and streamline security reporting.

What Is Purple Teaming?

PlexTrac’s platform promotes purple teaming, i.e. information sharing among red and blue teams. It helps bridge the gap between red and blue teams, so both can work together to optimize an organization’s security posture.

For red teams, PlexTrac’s platform allows users to generate security assessment reports in various formats, the company said. Users can create questionnaires for customers, internal teams and third-parties to learn about myriad security risks.

Meanwhile, for blue teams, PlexTrac’s platform enables users to track and consolidate security assessment results, the company stated. That way, users can analyze an organization’s security posture and find ways to remediate risks.

How Does PlexTrac’s Platform Work?

PlexTrac’s platform imports results from network and application security scanning tools, the company said. In doing so, it provides visibility into an organization’s cybersecurity program.

Other features of PlexTrac’s platform include:

  • Risk assessments
  • Scanner integrations
  • Security analytics

PlexTrac’s platform is now available for service providers, businesses and researchers.

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