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Stellar Cyber: The Importance of Education and Mentoring

Cybersecurity education

Education and mentoring are important topics in the cybersecurity market. Cybersecurity pros are on the front lines of protecting organizations every day and responding to threats and incidents.

In this Stellar Cyber Security Spotlight, Kevin Wilson, senior product manager at Stellar Cyber, welcomes Todd Willoughby, director of security transformation for RSM US LLP for a discussion about cybersecurity education, mentoring and learning in real time on the job.

Some highlights from the Vlog:

0:01 - Introductions.

0:37 - Making the job easier by helping with those manual tasks as you move from level 1 to level 2.

1:29 - Stellar Cyber’s university programs is giving people more hands-on exposure.

1:50 - People are looking to organization to give them a reason to stay, beyond just the training. 

2:11 -  Bifurcation in a SOC analyst career. 

3:20 - The importance of finding mentors.

4:30 - You can’t be afraid to ask questions.

5:10 - You cannot succeed without ever failing.