Adaptive Shield, an Israeli cybersecurity startup that specializes in SaaS application security , has raised $4 million in seed funding from venture capital firm Vertex Ventures Israel.

The company will use the funding to explore ways to automate control of SaaS application security, according to a prepared statement. It also plans to develop channel partnerships with IT service providers and resellers.

Numerous companies offer cloud security posture management (CSPM) software tools for infrastructure platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Instead of focusing on the infrastructure layer, Adaptive Shield focuses on the cloud application layer.

Indeed, Adaptive Shield helps organizations safely integrate Office 365, Slack, Zoom and other SaaS apps into their workflows, the company said. To do so, Adaptive Shield offers a platform that continuously monitors an organization's SaaS apps and detects misconfigurations, incorrect permissions and potential exposures.

Key features of Adaptive Shield's platform include:

  • Compliance Evaluation and Risk Scoring: Analyzes and scores SaaS apps against NIST, SOC 2, HIPAA and other compliance frameworks.
  • Implementation: Offers a self-service wizard to help an organization quickly link its SaaS apps to the platform and automatically discover security issues.
  • Policy Enforcement: Unifies policies across an organization's SaaS apps.

In addition, Adaptive Shield's platform delivers remediation plans for security issues, the company said. It also enables users to track a remediation plan's progress and ensure that security issues are eliminated.

What Does the Future Hold for Adaptive Shield?

Adaptive Shield's platform could become increasingly popular, particularly as more organizations leverage SaaS applications to help employees work remotely during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Meanwhile, demand for SaaS security solutions is increasing, and Adaptive Shield could capitalize on a global SaaS security market that is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 22 percent between 2017 and 2022, industry analyst RnR Market Research stated.