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Appdome Releases New Threat Evaluation Tools

Appdome has added three threat evaluation tools to its ThreatScope Mobile XDR (eXtended detection and response) solution that deliver "enhanced monitoring, investigation and threat evaluation for mobile apps and brands globally," according to the company.

Here's a look at each of the new ThreatScope threat evaluation tools:

1. Threat-Inspect

With Threat-Inspect, security teams can move between "all" and "unique attacks" and attacks and "impacted devices," Appdome noted. That way, they can see how many devices are under attack.

In addition, Threat-Inspect can be used in conjunction with Appdome's Build2Test automated testing capability, Appdome said. Developers can track and monitor security events with Build2Test and visualize these events with Threat-Inspect.

2. Threat-Views

Security teams can use Threat-Views to track their organizations' mobile app defense, attack and threat data shown on ThreatScope, Appdome indicated. They can create and save any Threat-Views to monitor one or more mobile applications, operating systems, attack vectors and other parameters.

Furthermore, Threat-Views offers persistent business-level viewing and analysis of cyberattacks and threats, Appdome stated.

3. ThreatScope Snapshots

ThreatScope Snapshots lets security teams export and share mobile app defense and attack snapshots from ThreatScope, Threat-Views or Threat-Inspect data, Appdome said.

Security teams can use ThreatScope Snapshots to stay up to date on security, fraud, malware and other attacks, demonstrate compliance and collaborate with other internal teams, Appdome noted.

New Levels of Metadata Available in Appdome ThreatScope Mobile XDR

Along with these tools, ThreatScope now offers enhanced attack, threat and fraud metadata, including geo-location and unique identifiers for threats and impacted installations, Appdome indicated.

These metadata allow ThreatScope users to see in-production mobile apps and installations impacted by cyberattacks or threats, Appdome said.

“Once you see the data in ThreatScope Mobile XDR, you can’t live without it,” said Chris Roeckl, Chief Product Officer at Appdome. “Combining real-time data with instant action is the only way to combat the huge diversity, sophistication and relentlessness hackers, attackers and fraudsters use to compromise mobile apps, brands, and users globally.” 

A Closer Look at Appdome ThreatScope Mobile XDR

ThreatScope consolidates fraud, malware, bot attack, threat intelligence and other cybersecurity data from in-production Android and iOS apps, Appdome stated. By doing so, ThreatScope helps security teams, mobile brands and developers respond to cyberattacks and threats.

Meanwhile, ThreatScope does not require coding, a software development kit (SDK) or servers to deploy, Appdome said. It also does not require users to install a separate agent on a mobile device.

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