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AwareGO Probes the Human Side of Cybersecurity in New Study

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Even the most seasoned and sophisticated security experts are vulnerable to common security risks, according to a new study from AwareGO, a global provider of human cyber risk and awareness solutions.

In its Human Risk Assessment study, conducted at Infosecurity Europe in June 2022, AwareGO queried 100 cybersecurity professionals, asking five questions about how much their cybersecurity knowledge differs from their personal behavior. The questions focused on critical threat areas, such as phishing, sensitive data, remote work and password handling.

As Ragnar Sigurdsson, AwareGO co-founder and research and development lead, concludes:

“The survey really hits home in confirming that individuals of all levels can benefit from ongoing security awareness training. We all must stay vigilant and security aware of risks such as passwords and phishing schemes that can disrupt our business and put our organizations at risk every day.”

By the Numbers

Among the key results, AwareGO found that 95% of those interviewed said that they “understood what sensitive data is and that they would not share anything sensitive on social media.” Also, 90% said that “they would not use unsecured WiFi.” The same number said that they “can recognize a phishing email.” However, only 30% said “they would not report a phishing email.”

Survey participants earned a 70/100 resilience score across assessed threat areas, AwareGO reports. On the subject of password strength, when asked to type in their password to verify its strength, 50% did enter a password. The real trick, says AwareGO, was to insert no password at all.

What’s Your Cybersecurity IQ?

Wondering how you stack up against other cybersecurity professionals? AwareGO offers its Mini Human Risk Assessment for a limited time.

AwareGO, an Icelandic company, notes that its survey results follow a series of whitepapers that highlight the importance of improved organizational cybersecurity practices. The Need for Human-Centered Cybersecurity explores the human role in how cybersecurity has become the top way for hackers to gain a foothold within critical infrastructure.

Motives, Needs and Drivers for Cybersecurity Awareness Training in Modern Work Environments features 160 cybersecurity leaders describing their experience and expertise as it relates to improving organizational security.

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