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Beyond Identity Forms MFA Partnership with World Wide Technology (WWT)

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Beyond Identity, a phishing-resistant and passwordless multifactor authentication (MFA) provider, has announced a partnership with IT services and consulting company World Wide Technology (WWT), according to a prepared statement.

WWT Rolls Out MFA to its Employees

The collaboration allows WWT to harness Beyond Identity’s authentication platform internally while also acting as a global channel partner, the companies said. WWT notes that it has already initiated an internal roll-out of Beyond Identity’s MFA to its 8,000 employees.

Beyond Identity’s solution meets both phishing-resistant and more stringent zero-trust requirements, the company said. As such, it eliminates passwords and all other weak MFA factors, including push notifications, one-time codes and magic links. It also creates a “frictionless authentication experience using a combination of device biometrics and strong cryptographic passkeys.”

The solution provides the base layer for zero trust with strong user authentication and an advanced policy engine, Beyond Identity asserts. It then evaluates device security posture and incorporates additional risk signals from MDM, EDR, XDR, and ZTNA solutions during the authentication transaction and continuously thereafter.

As Beyond Identity CEO Thomas Jermoluk explained:

“Modern cyberattacks have unfortunately surpassed traditional MFA technology, leaving organizations’ widely exposed. If there’s a password, or other weak factors, there’s an easily exploited attack vector for threat actors. Beyond Identity’ enables organizations to modernize their infrastructure and stay ahead of hackers.”

Bill Hogan, chief revenue officer of Beyond Identity, added:

“The world is going passwordless, and we’re delighted that WWT selected Beyond Identity to take their company there today. Their entire go-to-market team can now personally vouch our unmatched user experience. And with Beyond Identity available in WWT’s Advanced Technology Center, their team can showcase important integrations with zero trust leaders like CrowdStrike and Zscaler.”

Zero Trust Offering for MSSPs, MSPs

Beyond Identity notes that the partnership will enable WWT to "significantly reduce its own and its customers’ cybersecurity risk with a critical component of zero trust." MSSPs and MSPs can join Beyond Identity’s channel partner program to integrate the company’s MFA platform into their offerings.

WWT CEO Jim Kavanaugh explained the advantages of the partnership with Beyond Identity:

“After evaluating a strategic partnership with Beyond Identity, it was clear that they could provide value to our company beyond just an industry relationship. We were blown away by Beyond Identity’s advanced MFA, and the awesome user experience also played a large part in our decision making. Beyond Identity shares our passion and vision for advanced technology that moves the needle for businesses, and a brighter and more secure digital future.”

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