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Bitdefender Cybersecurity Goes on the Offensive

Bitdefender, a Top 40 managed detection and response (MDR) security company, has released Bitdefender Offensive Services, the company announced.

Organizations can use Offensive Services to assess, identify and remediate security gaps in their on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments through penetration testing and red-team simulated attacks, according to the company.

With Offensive Services, organizations can secure their environments, reduce risk and meet regulatory and compliance mandates.

How Bitdefender's Offensive Services Work

Offensive Services provide organizations with access to penetration testing based on industry, operational infrastructure, software adoption, perceived risk and other criteria, Bitdefender said. Bitdefender's ethical hacking team can perform vulnerability assessments to identify security weaknesses of systems covering networks, applications and mobile devices. From here, they can conduct authorized simulated cyberattacks to test organizations' cybersecurity defenses and controls and provide these organizations with reports that they can use to address security gaps.

Furthermore, Offensive Services let organizations conduct red team exercises that simulate real world threat actors, Bitdefender noted. These exercises demonstrate how attackers would attempt to compromise organizations' critical functions and underlying systems. They are guided by MITRE ATT&CK Framework techniques, tactics and procedures (TTPs).

Bitdefender Provides Threat Intelligence and Exposure Management

Offensive Services are backed by Bitdefender's team of cybersecurity analysts, researchers, threat hunters and CREST-accredited ethical hackers, the company said. They are also enhanced by the Bitdefender Global Protective Network, which consists of millions of sensors that continuously collect threat data from around the world.

In addition, Offensive Services support organizations that want to adopt a continuous threat exposure management (CTEM) process, Bitdefender said. To do so, they allow organizations to use controlled attack simulations to identify and mitigate threats to their networks, systems and supply chain environments. As a result, these organizations can stress-test their security posture and guard against cyberattacks and data breaches.

Bitdefender Unveils Threat Intelligence Solution for MSSPs

The Offensive Services announcement comes after Bitdefender in September 2023 introduced the Bitdefender Threat Intelligence (TI) solution for MSSPs. This solution lets MSSPs access context-rich threat intelligence from Bitdefender's customers and partners, the business said. That way, MSSPs can use this intelligence to validate and triage alerts, reduce false-positive security alerts and understand security vulnerabilities.

Bitdefender offers security products and solutions used to protect millions of business environments and consumers globally. The company also offers the Partner Advantage Network, which lets technology providers integrate its security technologies into their portfolios.  

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