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Black Hat USA 2023: ThreatConnect Strengthens Threat Intelligence Operations Platform

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The ThreatConnect Threat Intelligence Operations (TI Ops) Platform now features an "Intelligence Requirement" capability.

Accordingly, the platform is designed to help users "define, manage and track their intelligence requirements (IRs), priority intelligence requirements (PIRs) and requests for information (RFIs) more effectively," the company said.

ThreatConnect announced the new capability at the Black Hat USA conference, which is taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada and runs through August 10.

What IRs and PIRs Mean for Global Organizations

Threat intelligence is often produced ad hoc and siloed without input from many of an organization's stakeholders, ThreatConnect pointed out. This can make it difficult for organizations to generate threat intelligence that aligns with their business priorities and an evolving cyber threat landscape. As a result, organizations may struggle to produce threat intelligence that helps them get the most value out of their security investments and keep pace with emerging threats.

IRs and PIRs "represent a common language that drives stakeholder input and organizational alignment," ThreatConnect indicated.

In a recent ThreatConnect customer survey, researchers found that 94% of respondents said they find PIRs highly or moderately helpful in improving their cyber threat intelligence teams' performance. Comparatively, 93% reported one or more challenges with communicating and operationalizing PIRs.

How Organizations Can Use the ThreatConnect TI Ops Platform

Organizations can utilize the TI Ops Platform's IR capability to define, implement and identify intelligence related to IRs and PIRs, ThreatConnect noted. The capability helps organizations establish requirements and use them to identify relevant intelligence within their ThreatConnect Threat Library and the company's machine learning- and artificial intelligence-powered Global Intelligence.

In addition, the IR capability lets organizations implement, integrate and manage PIRs within the TI Ops Platform, ThreatConnect said. This eliminates the need for organizations to use documents and spreadsheets to track and update their PIRs.

The IR capability also allows organizations to match threat intelligence to their requirements, ThreatConnect indicated. This helps organizations speed up threat detection and response.

ThreatConnect Partners with Cybersecurity Advisory Firm

The TI Ops IR capability announcement comes after ThreatConnect in March 2023 integrated its platform into the NightDragon NightScale value creation platform. NightDragon is working with ThreatConnect to launch the company into its next phase of growth, the businesses said.

Also, NightDragon managing director Dave DeWalt in March 2023 was named non-executive chairman of ThreatConnect's board of directors. DeWalt previously served as CEO of FireEye, McAfee and Documentum.

A Closer Look at ThreatConnect

ThreatConnect combines threat intelligence and cyber risk quantification, the company indicated. Organizations can use ThreatConnect's TI Ops Platform to aggregate and manage threat data across their security programs. The platform normalizes threat data, adds context to it and automates manual threat intelligence-related security processes.

Furthermore, ThreatConnect offers a partner program for MSSPs, MSPs and other technology providers. The company also provides more than 150 technology integrations to its partners.

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