BlackBerry has announced BlackBerry Spark Suites to help organizations secure data and minimize risk, according to a prepared statement.

Spark Suites leverage BlackBerry Cylance artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation for cyber threat prevention and remediation, BlackBerry said. As such, they promote BlackBerry's mission to deliver "intelligent security, everywhere."

Also, Spark Suites provide endpoint management, user authentication and application and data encryption, BlackBerry indicated. In doing so, they enable organizations to deploy layered security defenses to combat cyberattacks.

BlackBerry offers four Spark Suites:

  • Spark: Provides unified endpoint management (UEM) and unified endpoint security (UES) capabilities.
  • UEM Express: Includes BlackBerry UEM, BlackBerry Access and other BlackBerry solutions to help organizations manage processes across devices, apps, files and users.
  • UEM: Includes all UEM Express features, along with BlackBerry 2FA, BlackBerry Enterprise Identity and other BlackBerry security solutions.
  • UES: Delivers zero-trust security across an organization's devices, networks and applications.

These Spark Suites are now available.

A Closer Look at Spark

Spark combines UEM and UES into a single platform to provide security capabilities, management tools and visibility across an organization's devices, networks and apps, the company said. In addition, Spark leverages BlackBerry Cylance endpoint protection technologies to helps organizations create zero-trust environments where continuous user authentication is performed to limit the risk of data breaches.

BlackBerry also added a UES layer within Spark earlier this year that enables organizations to leverage zero-trust security across fixed and mobile endpoints.