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Blackbird AI Creates Narrative Intelligence and Research Team

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Blackbird AI has launched the RAV3N Narrative Intelligence and Research Team, which evaluates the threats and risks that organizations face from narrative attacks across the digital information ecosystem, according to the company.

RAV3N consists of narrative and threat intelligence analysts, data scientists, behavioral psychologists, linguists and national security professionals, Blackbird said. This team focuses on providing insights into narrative attacks and protecting organizations from financial and reputational harm.

What Is a Narrative Attack?

A narrative attack originates from both insider vectors and external channels. It involves the use of narratives to "manipulate public perception, create discontent, affect stock prices and even motivate direct cyberattacks," Blackbird noted.

To address narrative attacks, Blackbird provides the Constellation Dashboard, which offers the following capabilities:

  • Insider threat analysis helps organizations uncover hidden narratives and external influencers from dark web forums, social media channels, news outlets and other data sources outside of their security parameters.
  • Public perception monitoring details media, the public and various channels respond before, during and after organizations address cyberattacks and shows organizations the public perception of these attacks.
  • Mechanized disinformation automates social media disinformation, including creating fake accounts and content, to help organizations counter narrative threats.
  • Deepfakes and synthetic media helps organizations identify these issues before they can compromise their security.

RAV3N Publishes Data-Driven, Evidence-Based Narratives

Members of RAV3N are committed to "publishing primary research into corners of the narrative intelligence universe that could start with a single post and scale quickly out of control to cause financial and reputational harm," Blackbird stated.

To date, RAV3N has published research to teach organizations about narrative attacks on the RAV3N Blog. It will continue to do so moving forward.

Blackbird Adds to Leadership Team, Secures Funding

The RAV3N news comes after Blackbird in August 2023 hired Dan Lowden as its chief marketing officer. Lowden is responsible for Blackbird's global marketing efforts, the company said. He has over two decades of executive experience in cybersecurity and technology marketing.

Previously, Blackbird in June 2023 closed a $20 million Series B funding round. At this time, Blackbird also said it planned to expand its ecosystem of partners through its Global Alliance Program.    

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