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Breach Secure Now! Adds Employee Vulnerability Assessments for MSPs

Breach Secure Now! (BSN), a breach prevention platform provider, has launched an Employee Vulnerability Assessment (EVA) program for managed service providers (MSPs) and MSSPs.

EVA uses gamification to teach employees how to identify phishing scams and other cyber threats, according to a prepared statement. As such, MSPs and MSSPs can use EVA to help organizations reduce the risk of human errors that may lead to data breaches.

EVA provides an organization's employees with Employee Secure Scores (ESS) that measure their security strength, BSN indicated. It encourages employees to improve their cybersecurity skills by tracking their progress in weekly micro-training sessions, the company noted, and competing with co-workers for higher ESS.

Employees receive their ESS based on whether they fall for a simulated phishing scam, their performance on weekly training quizzes and other security metrics, BSN stated. These scores enable managers to identify gaps in a company's cybersecurity strategy. Plus, EVA enables employees to receive additional training so they can learn how to avoid cyber threats and improve their ESS.

What Are the Benefits of EVA?

EVA uses data to drive changes in employee behavior and protect workplaces against cyberattacks, BSN President Art Gross said. It also provides insights into which employees might cause data breaches, Gross noted, and training tools to prevent these incidents.

In addition, EVA disguises employees' names so they can remain anonymous and engage in friendly competition with peers, BSN indicated. This may lead EVA participants to work together to raise the level of security across an organization.

BSN: Here's What You Need to Know

BSN offers a breach prevention platform that emphasizes employee security, according to the company. The platform includes a variety of employee security offerings, including:

  • Dark web breach monitoring.
  • Risk assessments.
  • Security awareness training.
  • Simulated phishing attacks.
  • Vulnerability assessments.

MSPs and MSSPs can sell the BSN solution as a white-label service. Also, BSN offers a partner program that enables MSPs and MSSPs to teach organizations how to protect their sensitive data and systems against cyber threats and help employees identify malware, phishing and other advanced cyberattacks.

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