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CenturyLink Log Monitoring Service for Palo Alto Networks Firewalls

CenturyLink has integrated Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) into its Security Log Monitoring service, according to a prepared statement.

Now, Security Log Monitoring users can leverage Managed Palo Alto Firewall to protect their organizations against cyber threats.

What Does the Integration Mean for Security Log Monitoring Users?

The Managed Palo Alto Firewall integration helps Security Log Monitoring users keep pace with an evolving cyber threat landscape, CenturyLink said. It empowers Security Log Monitoring users with the following capabilities:

  • Antivirus.
  • Application, content and user identification.
  • Site-to-site and client virtual private networks (VPNs).
  • URL filtering.

Security Log Monitoring users can leverage Managed Palo Alto Firewall to collect and track incident data in real-time, CenturyLink noted. As a result, these users can review incident data and prioritize security events that require additional analysis or immediate action.

In addition, Security Log Monitoring users can choose Managed Palo Alto Firewall monitoring options managed by CenturyLink or in-house resources, the company stated. They also can select Managed Palo Alto Firewall intrusion prevention systems throughput from 610 Mbps to 20 Gbps.

A Closer Look at Security Log Monitoring

Security Log Monitoring collects incident data, categorizes it based on severity or alerting and prioritizes security events, CenturyLink stated. By doing so, Security Log Monitoring helps organizations correlate security events to identify patterns that indicate malicious activity.

Furthermore, Security Log Monitoring offers a variety of capabilities, including:

  • Cloud Security Monitoring: Provides visibility into an organization's cloud environments and accounts and applies best-practice controls to cloud service configurations.
  • Security Operations Center (SOC) Monitoring: Provides organizations with access to CenturyLink security analysts who can identify and escalate incidents as needed.
  • Threat Intelligence: Empowers organizations with threat intelligence from community feeds, social media searches, dark web searches, honey pot infection records and third-party research.
  • Trending and Analytics: Offers access to advanced search capabilities that allow organizations to extend threat detection visibility to the last 12 months.

Security Log Monitoring also provides security teams with a view of all of an organization's network activity, according to CenturyLink. This ensures that security teams can identify cyber threats and make data-driven decisions to prevent cyberattacks.

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