Check Point Software Technologies has upgraded its Quantum hybrid data center security portfolio to provide organizations with the ability to manage workloads across their data center and cloud environments on demand, according to a prepared statement.

Organizations now can use Check Point R81.10 software to block cyberattacks, the company said. R81.10 includes over 60 artificial intelligence and machine learning threat prevention engines, along with gateways that are automatically updated to protect organizations against zero-day threats.

In addition, R81.10 empowers organizations with the ability to use a web browser to deploy Check Point's unified security management capabilities across their networks, the company noted. It also ensures that organizations can launch these capabilities with no deployment time needed and without ongoing maintenance or manual updates.

Introducing Check Point Quantum Maestro 175, New Smart-1 Security Management Appliances

Along with R81.10, Check Point has announced Quantum Maestro 175 for workflow orchestration and new Quantum Smart-1 Security Management appliances.

Organizations can leverage Quantum Maestro 175 to expand from a single Quantum gateway orchestration to 52 gateways in minutes, the company stated. This gives organizations elastic flexibility and provides high levels of threat prevention throughput.

Meanwhile, Check Point's four new Quantum Smart-1 Security Management appliances provide organizations with the ability to scale managed gateways on demand, the company indicated. Furthermore, organizations can use the appliances to gain visibility into cyber threats and system resiliency to handle network growth and log capacity across their infrastructure.

Check Point provides Quantum Network Security to help organizations ultra-scalable protect against cyberattacks across their networks, clouds, data centers, Internet of Things (IoT) environments and remote users. It also offers Quantum Next Generation Firewall Security Gateways for autonomous threat prevention.