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Contextal Debuts Security Framework, Threat Detection System

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Contextal, a cybersecurity and contextual data processing company, has debuted the Envivo open-source security framework and Multi-Vector Threat Detection System to "revolutionize the way organizations defend against modern cyber threats," according to the company.

The Envivo framework and Multi-Vector Threat Detection System are expected to launch in 2024.

Envivo Helps Organizations Build Security Solutions

"With the open-source Envivo framework we are going to combine decades of our security experience and knowledge to define a new industry standard," Contextal co-founder Tomasz Kojm said.

With Envivo, organizations can account for metadata, anomalies, relationships, patterns, past events and real-time insights to detect threats and gather threat intelligence, Contextal noted. That way, organizations can use Envivo to develop security solutions across threat detection, data leak prevention and other areas.

Furthermore, Envivo leverages the Rust programming language, which emphasizes security, Contextal said. It also is open source to promote transparency, flexibility and collaboration among users.

Contextal Protects Against AI-Based Cyber Threats

The Multi-Vector Threat Detection System leverages Envivo to protect users against AI-based threats, Contextal stated. This system's capabilities include:

  • Protection against network anomalies, suspicious user behavior and other threats
  • Contextual intelligence into threats
  • Ability to evolve and adapt to emerging threats
  • Capable of handling large volumes of data across multiple network infrastructure
  • Cloud-native design that allows the system to be used in conjunction with secure access service edge (SASE) technologies
  • Ability to use standard containerization management technologies for deployment and upgrades

What MSSPs Need to Know About Contextal

Contextal was founded by cybersecurity industry veterans who have created technologies used to safeguard the International Space Station and billions of users worldwide. It is focused on pushing the boundaries of security intelligence, according to the company.

At this time, Contextal does not offer a channel partner program. However, Contextal may explore channel partnerships after Envivo and its Multi-Vector Threat Detection System launch.  

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