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Cyber Defense Center Prioritizes Cybersecurity in Ukraine

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The Ukrainian National Center for Cybersecurity Coordination and IP3 International, an energy security developer, have announced the Collective Defense AI Fusion Center (CDAIC) in Ukraine.

CDAIC promotes collaboration between Ukraine and its allies to protect against cyberattacks, the center indicated.

What CDAIC Means for Ukraine

"Ukraine is making the maximum efforts to build an efficient platform to defend against Russia with partners in the cyber domain," said Oleksiy Danilov, chairman of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC).

CDAIC supports these efforts, as it strengthens Ukraine's cybersecurity capabilities, Danilov noted.

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s energy infrastructure "needs urgent defending," IP3 CEO Rear Admiral Hewitt stated. CDAIC reinforces Ukraine's cyber defenses and helps the nation secure its critical infrastructure.

How CDAIC Works

CDAIC is part of an ongoing investment in the reconstruction of Ukraine through the Ukraine Energy Security Fund focused on energy security and infrastructure, according to the center.

With CDAIC, cybersecurity companies of Ukrainian allies can access a platform and space that they can use to drive product innovation in partnership with the Ukrainian National Cybersecurity Center and the private sector, the center noted.

Furthermore, CDAIC provides access to cybersecurity talent by making experienced Ukrainian cybersecurity specialists on contract work available to the cybersecurity companies of allies, the center indicated.

CDAIC Members Can Share Threat Intelligence with One Another

By joining CDAIC, cybersecurity companies can share threat Intelligence in real time on threats of mutual concerns to Ukraine and its allies, the center said.

Over time, CDAIC members can build a networked defense that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to learn about and defend against cyberattacks. That way, they can get insights into cyberattacks and respond to them before they escalate.  

IronNet Offers Early Warning System

CDAIC is using the IronNet IronRadar early warning system and IronDome collective defense solution as part of its program. IronRadar and IronDome helps CDAIC members share threat intelligence at machine speed, the center said.  

Organizations can use IronRadar to detect threats, exchange insights and stop attacks, IronNet noted. The system helps organizations understand the cyber threat landscape and work with one another to address security issues.  

Meanwhile, IronDome delivers real-time threat sharing, IronNet stated. It uses analytics, AI and machine learning to help organizations identify threats across supply chains, industries and other groups.

Ukraine President Focuses on Securing Critical Infrastructure

The CDAIC launch comes after Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in October 2023 implemented NSDC's decision regarding the protection of the functioning of critical infrastructure and energy facilities.

Previously, Ukraine and its energy infrastructure have been the target of cyberattacks from Russia and its axis of aggressors for more than a decade, CDAIC noted. This activity escalated following the invasion of Ukraine in 2022. Check out MSSP Alert's ongoing coverage of the Russia-Ukraine War.

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