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Cyber Risk Scoring Releases: Immersive Labs’ Resilience Score, Avetta’s Cyber Risk Solution

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Immersive Labs has unveiled its Resilience Score, which measures an organization's ability to respond to cyberattacks and data breaches. Meanwhile, Avetta has incorporated a Cyber Risk Solution into its Avetta One supply chain risk monitoring platform.

Immersive Identifies Cyber Risks

Immersive's Resilience Score is based on years of its benchmarking data, which helps organizations identify weaknesses in their cyber capabilities and address skills gaps. It also contributes to factors that can help organizations lower their cyber insurance premiums.

Commenting on the Resilience Score release, Paul Bentham, Immersive's chief product officer, said:

"There is a common misconception that teams' cyber capabilities are not measurable, but advancements in cyber exercising give us new insights to predict risk and build vital cyber capabilities across the workforce. The new Immersive Labs Resilience Score demonstrates that resilience can be assessed, benchmarked and increased based on performance data. This is a huge leap forward in proving cyber capabilities compared to outdated, legacy cybersecurity training."

How Immersive Labs' Resilience Score Works

Immersive's cybersecurity training platform produces a Resilience Score based on several factors, including:

  • How executive and crisis management teams manage a crisis stemming from a cyber incident
  • How cyber teams work together to solve red and blue team scenarios
  • How cyber teams job roles are assigned and managed
  • Developers' ability to code and reduce vulnerabilities in the software development lifecycle (SDLC)
  • Cloud engineers' ability to identify and fix security misconfigurations

The Resilience Score highlights an organization's ability to comply with industry benchmarks and cybersecurity best practices, Immersive stated. Also, an organization can track its Resilience Score, look for ways to improve it and bolster its security posture.

Introducing the Avetta One Cyber Risk Solution

By incorporating a Cyber Risk Solution into its Avetta One supply chain risk monitoring platform, Avetta's delivers a quantitative score based on an organization's cyber health in 10 areas. Avetta added that it also provides a Cyber Health Score for suppliers.

Commenting on Avetta One's Cyber Risk Solution, Taylor Allis, Avetta's chief product and marketing officer, said:

"Suppliers and contractors are often an overlooked cybersecurity risk, but supply chain cyberattacks are increasing and can have devastating consequences. Avetta's Cyber Risk Solution transforms the supply chain risk management landscape by offering a comprehensive way for businesses to constantly monitor all third parties for safety, financial health, ESG (environmental, social and governance) and now cybersecurity."

Avetta Secures Supply Chain Operations

The Avetta Cyber Risk Solution is powered by security ratings, response and resilience company SecurityScorecard. It provides visibility into the cyber health of an organization's supply chain, Avetta noted. Organizations can use the solution to gain insights into third-party cyber risks.

Furthermore, organizations can use the CyberRisk Solution to generate Cyber Health Scores that they can share with suppliers, Avetta indicated. This helps suppliers understand and address their security gaps.

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