CyberPolicy, which provides an online marketplace for small businesses to buy cyber insurance, has launched CyberPolicy Genesis -- which bundles cybersecurity protection with different cyber insurance coverage options, the company said.

The bundle spans a variety of cybersecurity features, including:

  • Cybersecurity awareness training.
  • Dark web monitoring.
  • Password management.
  • Secure document storage.

CyberPolicy Genesis cyber insurance coverage also provides access to data breach assessment, monitoring, training and prevention tools, including:

  • Credit monitoring.
  • Cyber extortion protection.
  • Data breach coaching.
  • Data forensics.
  • Data breach notifications.

CyberPolicy Genesis is now available with coverage limits up to $25,000. It is offered to businesses as small as one employee, along with businesses that earn up to $10 million in annual revenue.

Hartford Steam Boiler, At-Bay Launch Cyber Insurance Services

In addition to CyberPolicy, Hartford Steam Boiler (HSB) and At-Bay this month unveiled new cyber insurance services.

HSB introduced a Farm Cyber Insurance solution to protect farmers against cyberattacks. HSB's Farm Cyber Insurance safeguards data collected across a farm and provides coverage for the costs of restoring data and systems and loss of income following a cyberattack.

Meanwhile, At-Bay’s excess cyber insurance offers ongoing vulnerability scanning, threat monitoring and round-the-clock support to organizations with insurance towers, the company said. It also includes coverage limits up to $10 million for organizations, as well as up to $5 billion in annual revenue across all 50 states and Washington D.C.