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CyberProof: Managed Security Meets Microsoft Azure Sentinel SIEM

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CyberProof, a Top 100 MSSP, now integrates with Microsoft Azure Sentinel -- a new cloud-based security information and event management (SIEM) solution from the technology giant.

CyberProof customers can use the Azure Sentinel integration to automate threat detection and incident response and recovery. They also can leverage the integration to access security insights via the Microsoft Intelligence Security Graph.

Azure Sentinel: Here's What You Need to Know

Azure Sentinel collects data across an organization's applications, devices, infrastructure and users, both on premises and in the cloud. By doing so, Azure Sentinel delivers security analytics and threat intelligence to help an organization uncover cyber threats and minimize false-positive alerts.

In addition, Azure Sentinel provides a prioritized list of security alerts, correlated analysis of security events and cyberattack visualizations. Azure Sentinel also enables an organization to retrieve data from other Microsoft products and import Office 365 data, as well as identify and analyze correlations based on this information.

A Closer Look at CyberProof Defense Center

CyberProof specializes in risk-based cybersecurity, and the company's Defense Center platform uses a three-step approach to verify an organization's cyber risk and reduce it over time:

  1. Risk Calculation: CyberProof assesses an organization's risk posture; that way, an organization can review its cyber risks and determine the best course of action to address these issues.
  2. Risk Plan Selection: CyberProof develops and deploys a custom risk reduction plan based on an organization, its industry and other factors.
  3. Continuous Risk Reduction: CyberProof leverages automated playbooks, data breach and cyberattack simulations and threat intelligence feeds to continuously address an organization's cyber risks.

Furthermore, an organization can use Defense Center to create rules for threat hunting, security analytics, dashboards and reporting. This ensures an organization can leverage Defense Center to obtain security insights and find the best ways to safeguard both internal and external stakeholders against cyber threats.

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