Cymulate Advances Attack Surface Management Solution

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Cymulate has upgraded its Attack Surface Management (ASM) solution to close gaps between traditional vulnerability management and ASM.

Organizations will now have advanced capabilities to visualize risky exposures across hybrid environments, Cymulate said in a prepared statement. Accordingly, the company is extending its coverage to include more attack surface discovery. It has also added misconfiguration detection, cloud-specific analysis and vulnerability discovery.

Mapping the Attack Surface

The new enhancements will analyze Active Directory, Azure, GCP and AWS Cloud footprints for misconfigurations and remediable security concerns. As Avihai Ben-Yossef, Cymulate’s chief technology officer and co-founder, explained:

"Customers will immediately benefit from seeing gaps in their public-facing infrastructure and through attack path mapping to see how an attacker can traverse the network from on-premises to cloud and cloud to on-premises. This will significantly aid organizations in assessing how at risk their organization's assets are."

Vulnerability scanners are designed to identify, classify, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities that could be exploited, primarily from within the environment, according to Cymulate. Conversely, attack surface management has mainly focused on discovery of vulnerabilities from an external perspective.

Cymulate asserts that its solution now closes the visibility gap needed to understand if an exposure has a viable attack path. This brings exposure management to a new level that is more continuous and efficient for classifying and prioritizing the remediation of vulnerabilities.

The ASM solution expansion provides four new tool capabilities:

  • Active Directory misconfiguration scanning
  • Cloud misconfiguration scanning
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Unified attack path mapping and analysis (UAPMA)

The capabilities provide more information than just what needs to be patched. Plus, the ability to leverage information from more sources to determine the priority of each remediation action, according to Cymulate.

More Benefits to Cymulate’s Attack Mapping

The Unified Attack Path Mapping and Analysis (UAPMA) solution will:

  • Support attack pathing and security validation across networks, clouds, and identity systems, including Active Directory services
  • Deliver a detailed picture of viable attack paths and techniques than can be discovered when compared to performing such scanning operations only in one infrastructure or the other
  • Factor in that interconnections, trusts, permissions and other variables can change the path of an attacker in unexpected ways
  • Clearly identify and see attack paths (displayed as graphs and detailed information), which delivers a quicker way to identify and close gaps without disrupting business operations

When paired with Cymulate Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) technology, security teams can also validate whether controls that sit in the attack path successfully detect and alert on threat activity, Cymulate explained.

Cymulate Unveils Trend Micro Integration, Secures Funding

The ASM solution enhancements come after Cymulate in December 2022 joined the Trend Micro Vision One ecosystem partner program. Together, Cymulate and Trend Micro offer an eXtended detection and response (XDR) solution that validates security across the cyberattack kill chain. The joint solution also lets users simulate attacks in alignment with the MITRE ATT&CK framework.

Previously, Cymulate in September 2022 added $70 million in Series D funding from multiple investors. Cymulate is using the funding to expand globally and drive innovation, the company indicated.

Cymulate provides a continuous risk validation and exposure management platform to global organizations. It offers an MSSP partner program and continues to pursue partnership opportunities.

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