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Cynet Delivers Cynet 360 Mobile, an All-in-One Cybersecurity Defender

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Cynet, a provider of an autonomous, all-in-one cybersecurity platform, has rolled out Cynet 360 Mobile, a comprehensive mobile threat protection solution that provides persistent, on-device protection of company and user-owned mobile devices.

The platform is designed to defend Chrome OS, Android and iOS devices from security and privacy threats. It accomplished this while detecting applications that put data at risk of exposure and attempt to infiltrate corporate networks.

By leveraging on-device behavioral machine learning detection, Cynet 360 Mobile protects against both known and unknown zero-day threats, including mobile malware, phishing, man-in-the-middle and network-based attacks.

Eyal Gruner, Cynet co-founder and chief executive, commented on the mobile solution:

“The reality is that cyber criminals are increasingly using mobile phishing, zero-day mobile exploits, and malicious mobile applications as initial attack vectors. With so much of today’s work performed on the go, businesses need solutions to protect their employees’ mobile devices. The volume and sophistication of mobile attacks are skyrocketing because criminals see mobile devices as low hanging fruit that allows them to gain a foothold into valuable corporate assets.”

Businesses Understand Mobile Device Security Imperative

Cynet pointed to mobile threat data contained in Verizon’s 2022 Mobile Security Index that more than 90% of organizations believe that mobile devices are critical to their operations. However, mobile devices are vulnerable to hackers because they provide access to the same content and services as traditional endpoints and often serve as an authentication tool.

Close to half of the 600 companies Verizon surveyed said they had suffered a compromise involving a mobile device in the past 12 months.

What Cynet 360 Mobile Offers

Cynet 360 Mobile key features include:

  • Protection capabilities beyond standard mobile device management (MDM) solutions that only manage devices but fail to detect threats or offer any comprehensive security protections.
  • Businesses gain complete visibility and protection across endpoints, mobile devices, networks and users within SaaS and cloud environments.
  • It can be deployed as a standalone capability on mobile devices or implemented alongside existing MDM solutions to add an extra layer of protection to fight dangerous threats.
D. Howard Kass

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