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Dig Enhances Data Security Posture Management Platform

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Organizations can now use the Dig Data Security Platform for data security posture management (DSPM) and data detection and response (DDR) across their data stored in Microsoft 365 and on premises.

That way, organizations can utilize the Data Security Platform to protect their data in public cloud, SaaS, database-as-a-service (DBaaS) and on-premise environments, Dig said.

Dig Provides a Single Platform for Data Protection

The Data Security Platform combines disparate tools used to handle data security and compliance risks, Dig stated. As such, organizations can use the platform to consolidate and simplify their data stores and policy applications.

Furthermore, the Data Security Platform eliminates blind spots across an organization's data estate, Dig noted. It also is agentless, can be installed in minutes and requires minimal permissions.

Dig Continues to Upgrade Its Data Security Platform

The Data Security Platform enhancements come after Dig in July 2023 started offering DSPM for generative artificial intelligence deployments and added optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities to its platform.

With DPSM for generative AI deployments, organizations can utilize the Data Security Platform to train and deploy large language models (LLMs) that understand and produce content based on data, Dig indicated. They also can scan databases and buckets in their cloud accounts, identify and organize sensitive data and see which users and roles can access these data.  

Meanwhile, the Data Security Platform's OCR capabilities let users detect and classify sensitive data in image files, Dig indicated. From here, users can map storage locations and data flow and identify security policies or compliance violations related to their assets.

What MSSPs Need to Know About Dig

Dig helps organizations discover, classify, protect and govern their data at rest, in motion and in use, the business said. Organizations can use Dig's products and solutions to prioritize data risks, monitor data flows and visualize access governance. In doing so, they can protect against data misuse and exfiltration and compliance breaches.

Dig's partner program enables channel partners provide end customers with consulting advisory, technical support, implementation services, and procurement avenues. This partner type includes global systems integrators (GSIs), regional systems integrators (RSIs), managed service providers (MSPs), Value Added Resellers (VARs), consultancies, referrals and agencies.

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