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DigiCert: 5 Things That MSSPs Should Expect in 2023

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Many threat vectors will affect global organizations in 2023 and beyond, according to digital trust solutions company DigiCert. However, MSSPs that understand these vectors can help these organizations minimize their risk of cyberattacks and data breaches moving forward.

Meanwhile, DigiCert's team of cybersecurity experts have made several predictions on what to expect in cybersecurity in 2023.

1. Quantum Computing Will Drive Cryptographic Agility

Quantum computing is an emerging technology that uses the laws of quantum mechanics to address problems that traditional computers cannot solve on their own. If cybercriminals can utilize quantum computers, they can launch cyberattacks faster and more efficiently than ever before. With cryptographic agility, a security system can quickly switch between encryption mechanisms based on an organization's cryptographic assets. As such, crypto agility is paramount, as it can help organizations protect against cybercriminals who may ultimately start using quantum computers for cyberattacks.

2. Consumers Will Look for Smart Home Devices with the "Matter" Logo

Matter is a standard and language that promotes secure information-sharing among smart home devices. As more consumers invest in smart home technologies and prioritize security, they may increasingly look for smart home devices with the "Matter" logo.

3. A Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) Will Become a Must-Have to Manage a Software Supply Chain

An SBOM consists of a list of every software component that makes up an application. It also provides visibility into a software supply chain. Therefore, an SBOM could become a must-have for organizations that want to manage their software supply chains with precision and care. If a cybercriminal attacks a software supply chain, an organization can then use its SBOM to speed up its recovery.

4. Domain Name System (DNS) Services Will Help Organizations Grow and Thrive

DNS services help organizations protect their data without compromising productivity. The best DNS services promote high uptime and fast speeds, making them integral parts of an organization's toolset. With DNS services used in combination with APIs, software development kits (SDKs) and integrations, organizations can avoid cyberattacks that lead to outages and downtime. At the same time, they can help their employees stay on track and optimize their productivity.

5. Cybercriminals Will Look for Weaknesses in Zero Trust Security Technologies

Many organizations are adopting zero trust security technologies to protect their end-users and workloads against cyberattacks and data breaches. Yet, cybercriminals may utilize artificial intelligence, machine learning and other advanced technologies to infiltrate zero trust security tools. To keep pace, organizations may consider using zero trust security tools in combination with other cybersecurity technologies.

Ultimately, IT professionals must understand the security implications of evolving technologies and threats, said Dr. Avesta Hojjati, VP of research and development at DigiCert. That way, they can make the right cybersecurity investments in 2023 and beyond to ensure digital trust.

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