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ELB Learning, CyberCatch Unveil Virtual Reality Cybersecurity Training Game

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ELB Learning, in concert with CyberCatch, has unveiled a virtual reality corporate learning and development game called HackOps.

CyberCatch is a defense-grade artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled cybersecurity compliance and cyber risk mitigation solution provider. The gamified course combines movies and games into an immersive virtual reality (VR) experience, according to the companies.

Game Delivers Virtual Reality Experience

HackOps leverages CenarioVR, ELB Learning's advanced VR course authoring tool.

This game is the first in a series of next-generation cybersecurity awareness training games, the partners said. In the game, learners role-play as undercover operatives for HackOps and learn common tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) that attackers use to break into the network, steal data and install ransomware.

Learners act as "newbie hackers" and learn how:

  • Hackers do reconnaissance.
  • Spear phishing is crafted and executed.
  • Front-door internet-facing IT assets' vulnerabilities are exploited.
  • Third-party vulnerabilities are exploited to break in from the back door.
  • Data is exfiltrated, and ransomware is installed, and how this can be prevented.
  • Unknown back doors are left behind, and why.

Making Security Training Fun

John Blackmon, ELB Learning chief AI officer and chief technology officer, expressed his enthusiasm for the release of HackOps.

"We are proud to introduce HackOps as a transformative approach to cyber education. Cybersecurity training can certainly be quite bland. HackOps not only makes the training engaging, but it also draws you into the story and really turns learning into something fun that you want to do."

D. Howard Kass

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