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FireMon Elevates Network Visibility Solution Across Hybrid, Multi-Cloud Environments

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Network security policy management company FireMon has re-launched its Lumeta network visibility solution as “Cyber Asset Manager.”

Why the Change?

The name Cyber Asset Manager speaks directly to its key use cases of real-time network discovery, identification and threat detection, FireMon explained in a prepared statement. Accordingly, Cyber Asset Manager will help organizations maintain continuous security and compliance by providing a complete view of all their assets across hybrid, multi-cloud environments.

FireMon informs that its Cyber Asset Management solution is an evolution of Lumeta technology. FireMon acquired Lumeta in 2018 to “advance its mission of improving intent-based security that bridges the traditional gap between business and security.” This is done by enabling network and security operations teams to improve security hygiene by finding and securing unknown, rogue, and shadow clouds, network infrastructure and endpoints.

Real-Time Device Detection

Jody Brazil, CEO, FireMon
Jody Brazil, CEO, FireMon

Cyber Asset Manager delivers real-time device detection across on-premises networks and cloud environments, FireMon said. Also, Cyber Asset Manager detects threats for cloud, virtual, physical, software defined network (SDN), endpoints, operational technology, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

FireMon CEO Jody Brazil explained how Cyber Asset Manager builds a baseline of network patterns and alerts security teams when suspicious activities or compliance violations are detected:

“Security challenges grow exponentially as the complexity of the network expands. Every new device, user and service requiring connectivity to other resources increases the complexity of the environment. For instance, even a seemingly simple environment of 300 firewalls can lead to over 1.4 billion firewall rules accounting for IP addresses and services. Managing this is impossible without some form of automated analysis.”

Cyber Asset Manager enables organizations to consistently ensure device policies are enforced and that networks are secure, the company said. Administrators are instantly notified when devices violate business and network policies.

Additionally, network vulnerability assessments find all authorized and unauthorized in and out points on the network. Cyber Asset Manager checks connectivity and security between networks to detect leak paths that cross one or more zones.

FireMon Adds Disrupt Ops, MSSP Program

FireMon acquired cloud security operations company DisruptOps, MSSP Alert reported in September 2021. DisruptOps' MSSP partner program enables MSSPs to use DisruptOps’ platform to conduct security assessments, generate compliance reports and automate remediation across their customers’ cloud infrastructure.

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