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Gigamon Eliminates Blind Spots in Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

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Gigamon has unveiled Precryption technology that provides IT and security teams with visibility into encrypted traffic across virtual machine (VM) and container workloads and helps them detect, investigate and respond to threats across hybrid cloud infrastructure.

The company announced Precryption at its Visualize Bootcamp, which takes place virtually from September 12-14.

What Gigamon Precryption Offers

With Precryption, IT and security teams can see lateral movement, malware distribution, data exfiltration and other previously concealed activity inside virtual, cloud and container applications, Gigamon indicated. This helps IT and security teams identify threat actors who circumvent existing cloud infrastructure security measures.

Precryption leverages extended BPF (eBPF) technology inside Linux kernels and standard encryption libraries to deliver plaintext visibility into all encrypted communications before a payload is encrypted, Gigamon noted. It does not require any keys to be intercepted or sniffed or decryption and runs independently of an application.

Gigamon Precryption Helps Organizations Comply with Data Security Requirements

Precryption works with TLS 1.3, TLS 1.2 and other modern and legacy encryption methods, Gigamon noted. As such, the technology allows organizations to mask traffic that contains sensitive personal identifiable information (PII) and comply with data security regulations.

Furthermore, Precryption eliminates the need for private key management for key sharing, passing and library updates, Gigamon stated. It also allows organizations to offload TLS decryption overhead from cloud, security and observability tools.

Gigamon Partners Can Integrate Precryption Into Their Offerings

MSSPs, MSPs and other Gigamon partners can use Precryption to "level the playing field against cybercriminals as they seek to conceal their activity and intentions within the encrypted network traffic," the company said.

Gigamon partners can use Precryption to gain visibility into their customers' encrypted traffic, the company noted. This allows partners to help their customers establish a zero trust model and secure their hybrid cloud infrastructure.

The Catalyst Partner Program allows MSSPs, MSPs and other technology providers to integrate Precryption and other Gigamon technologies, products and solutions into their offerings. Current program partners include TD Synnex and Trace3. Gigamon also continues to pursue partnership opportunities.

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