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GlobeNet Bolsters DDoS Mitigation Services

GlobeNet, a Latin American wholesale telecom service provider, has announced the Anti-DDoS Gold mitigation service for international carriers and Internet service providers (ISPs).

Twitter: @GlobeNetTelecom
Twitter: @GlobeNetTelecom

Anti-DDoS Gold enables international carriers and ISPs to secure customers' infrastructure against DDoS attacks and guarantee network performance, GlobeNet stated. It offers a variety of cybersecurity capabilities, including:

  • Flexible protection policies.
  • Early detection of malicious traffic.
  • Ability to mitigate high-volume attacks, along with protocol and application attacks.

Anti-DDoS Gold also allows international carriers and ISPs to provide network protection without a significant upfront investment, GlobeNet CEO Eduardo Falzoni indicated. In doing so, Anti-DDoS Gold ensures international carriers and ISPs are better equipped than ever before to meet customers' security requirements.

DDoS Attacks: What MSSPs Need to Know

Cybercriminals use DDoS attacks to target online services and websites. They overwhelm online services and websites with more traffic than servers and networks can accommodate, and as a result, shut down these services and websites.

DDoS attacks represent the most common method to breach organizations, recent research from cloud delivery platform provider Akamai Technologies showed. Fortunately, there are lots of things organizations can do to minimize the risks associated with DDoS attacks, including:

  • Analyze global cyberattack trends.
  • Evaluate the health of their servers and networks.
  • Update their cybersecurity strategies regularly.

In addition, MSSPs can provide security event analytics and reporting, automatic mitigation and other security services to help organizations combat DDoS attacks. They also can deliver packet captures to help organizations identify DDoS attacks and the tools used to launch these attacks.

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