Herjavec Group, a perennial Top 100 MSSP, has added the Google Cloud's Chronicle Backstory and VirusTotal security intelligence products to its portfolio. The MSSP is the first Canadian service provider to leverage and be certified in Chronicle.

Herjavec Group is using Backstory to help organizations analyze and investigate the security telemetry that its enterprise customers generate every year, the MSSP said. It also has deployed Backstory in combination with VirusTotal for advanced malware threat research and detection.

Backstory is an SIEM-like platform that extracts signals from security telemetry to detect cyber threats. It is built on core Google infrastructure, identifies security signals immediately and gets smarter over time, Chronicle indicated.

VirusTotal delivers free multi-scanner malware insights, Chronicle noted. It offers an instant assessment from over 50 antivirus products on any file that is uploaded, performs research about malware operations and uncovers the relationships between malware files, domains and IP addresses.

Google Cloud Absorbs Chronicle

Chronicle had considerable independence for much of its startup journey, but Google Cloud absorbed Chronicle in June 2019.

Chronicle launched Backstory at this year's RSA Conference in San Francisco. At that time, Chronicle also announced partnerships with Carbon Black, Fortinet, Critical Start and other technology companies.